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The Mistake That Often Occurs During The Painting

The mistake often occurs during the painting process, especially when carrying out the external white wood paint process on the walls of a wooden house. Those who own wooden houses usually prefer to hire people who are experienced in painting rather than having to do it themselves. Painting activities can indeed be done alone, but with a note that you already understand how to paint correctly. That way the results you get will also be good. But if you do not understand how to paint wooden walls properly, then it’s better if you leave this task to someone who is more experienced in the painting field.

A small mistake that often occurs during the painting process is dipping the entire brush into the paint. Whereas the correct way is you have to dip the brush only on the tip. In addition, this will cause the paint to drip easily and easily damage the color on your walls. this mistake will also cause the paint to run out quickly or wasteful and the brush after use is also difficult to clean. Other mistakes such as painting when the walls are still dirty. You should avoid painting that is not preceded by cleaning the walls of mold or old paint. To clean the dirt on the walls, you can use a brush. Meanwhile, to remove the old paint you can use sandpaper.

If you want perfect results in the process of painting your wooden walls, then you use paint that is not too runny or too thick. You can dilute the paint with water. Meanwhile, to make it easier for you to replace the old wall paint, you should use an old color or a color that looks natural, for wooden walls a good color is brown to golden. In addition, you also have to make sure that the wall paint layer is applied evenly.